Product Descriptions

Sample Product Descriptions

Red – 15” Bright Round Mirror

If you’re looking for a way to enhance a room, sometimes there’s nothing better than adding a piece that will reflect the inner light of you and your guests. This Round Red Distressed Mirror will do just that in a very subtle and classy way. It features a red MDF distressed frame that gives it a certain unique flair. Display it by itself or combine it with other elements to really brighten up a room with your unique touch.

Baby Safari Baby Shower Plates – Small

If you’re looking for the perfect table-ware to use at the shower for your new bundle of joy, then look no further than these Baby Safari Baby Shower Plates.  You know that bringing any new child into the world is cause for celebration of a new safari like adventure. Not only do these pristine plates make clean up easy but they will delight your friends and family with beautifully rendered animals that symbolize your new adventure. Featured animals include a baby monkey, bear, bird, turtle, giraffe, zebra and much more. Also, available are coordinating party supplies like napkins and even dinner plates to make a perfect set for your shower no matter if your having a boy or girl.

Bait Casting Reel Spatula

Here is a way to put an accent on your day of grilling fish and burgers. Check out this Bait Casting Reel Spatula. It makes the perfect gift for any fishing enthusiast who also enjoys cooking a good burger on the grill. Features in its design include a gold and blue handle made to look like a fishing reel, so you can feel like cooking is a bit like being back out on the pond no matter where you are. The end of the spatula even features fish shaped cut outs, so you can brand that burger with your favorite fish design. Prepare yourself to delight friends and family with your favorite hobby year-round while providing them with a tasty meal.

12” x 12” Hoot Hoot Premium Cardstock Paper Pack

Add a little bit of wisdom to your cardstock with this Hoot of a design from the Paper Studio. The Hoot Hoot Premium Cardstock Paper Pack is designed to impress with bright and bold colors. It also features some pretty old school patterns and icons that will have you and your friends loving your new print-outs because of the retro designs. Some of the patterns and symbols include polka dots, stripes, birds, flowers, and more. The paper was designed to be used for handmade cards, scrapbooking and so much more. Each pack includes 60 acid & lignin free sheets. Basically, you get 20 designs, with 3 copies of each design. This set comes in 12” x 12” and is ready bring a sense of fun to you and your friends.

Dark Brown Rectangle Basket Set

Looking for a classy way to organize some of your clutter? This Dark Brown Rectangle Basket Set may be right up your alley. These baskets are great for storing towels, keys, your child’s toys, even laundry. They are all purpose and will help you to stay more organized while adding a little bit of style to any room. Basically, this product will make your life easier without making your décor suffer. These beautiful wicker baskets come in various dimensions from small, medium, large and extra-large.

Jeepers Creepers 3D Stickers

Now don’t get freaked out by these holiday stickers brought to you from the Paper Studio. These Jeepers Creepers 3D Stickers are great as Halloween party decorations. In addition, they are also useful for paper crafting projects. These stickers are made to pop out and give you the willies, though not in a bad way. They are simply wonderfully designed and easy to peel and stick anywhere you can possibly imagine. Each package contains 7 stickers in various dimensions.

Bronze Horse & Colt Uplight

If you are a horse enthusiast or just have always been entranced by their natural beauty, then you will love this Bronze Horse & Colt Uplight. Designed to light up any room with your sense of style, this decorative lamp includes a globe, making its dimensions 5 ¼” x 16 ½” and its cord won’t keep you tied too close to your outlet either with a length of 60”. The lamp is made to appear rustic and features a shiny, intricately-detailed bronze resin horse and colt base and a brown and cream frosted glass globe. So, if your looking to spotlight a little bit of your country flair at home or at the office look no further than this unique piece.

Sun & Moon Pendants

Have you just purchased or finished designing a necklace and looking for the perfect pendants to accent it? Then you might enjoy these jewelry pieces that symbolize the Sun and the Moon. These pendants are made of metal and are designed using antique symbolism. They both feature special details such as iridescent crystals and star-shaped dangles and they can be easily added to any chain, necklace or bracelet. Each package comes with 2 pendants each.


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