Sample Mini Lesson/Lecture

Creative Writing Lesson 2: Have a Point!


David Shreve

So, we have covered that for a story to be at least mildly interesting and entertaining it must have the thing it promises in the premise. In other words, it must teach the lesson or simply tell a funny joke. Another rule is it must have a beginning and ending. I’m somewhat reminded of Woody Allen hoping this beautiful thing called life never ends. As he would say best, “Death?! I’m against it!” But stories do need to end, not all stories should end with death. No! I like to think the best stories end with messages of peace, no matter what the protagonist suffered. As Spiderman’s Gwen Stacy would say, “We must be better than what we suffered.

Thus, in a way all myths, or stories, are about this or that character bearing their cross to the best and at times worst of their lives. Because really telling well balanced stories should be about more than a literary equation or broadcast news equation or ideology. It must have heart and show that heart throughout. Also, if some stories don’t speak to you that’s okay too. As my stepfather would say, “That’s why we have variety.” Or rather so many different genres. Basically, that’s why there are so many sections in the Sunday paper and so many only read their favorite section. That’s normal. In fact the only thing abnormal about a story is one with no point. One without a clear start and stop and lesson to be learned, even in broadcast news and journalism. Their must always be a point and something to be learned. Even if it’s simple.

We should also have empathy for those that don’t understand this or those seemingly simple concepts. Usually these are the very people that life has been hard for and got a lot of bad shakes, even though they have bit the hand many times while trying to do the right thing. Making them sometimes incredibly jaded. We should find kind ways to encourage those that like Frodo Baggins, from Tolkien, who are carrying a great burden. Because usually they aren’t just doing that for themselves, their doing it for everyone to make the world a better place no matter their political orientation.

That is the end of our lesson for today. The only thing I task you with doing is meditating on different stories you have run into or encountered in life, true or untrue, conspiracy or hard news. What do you have to say about it? How did it make you feel? As storytellers we must always remember to have empathy. And there’s no time like the present to develop that. No matter how old, there’s always hope. You just have to have faith and like James T. Kirk, “leap, sometimes without even looking.”


Film Review 1





Looking for a feel-good story about second chances? The Replacements might be just the film you are looking for. It stars Keanu Reeves as Shane Falco a failed quarterback who after a horrible loss in the Sugar Bowl years ago is given another chance by an old 80s coach Jimmy McGinty, played by Gene Hackman. Coach McGinty has been hired by the owner of the Washington Sentinels after all that teams players go on strike over the current salary cap. McGinty uses this opportunity to hire a unique assortment of washed up former players to fill out the team, including “Footsteps” Falco as quarterback.

Other players recruited include Orlando Jones who plays a teammate who is fast as hell but has trouble catching the ball, at least without glue or something sticky on his hands. Even a Japanese sumo wrestler who doubles as a lineman is brought on board. Also recruited is a soccer player, played by Rhys Ifans, who can punt the ball like nobody else despite his “wiry” physique and gambling problem. There is even a convicted felon who is allowed out of jail to play on the team. But that’s okay because the team has a police officer playing for the team as well, expertly acted by Jon Favreau, but watch out because he has the disposition of a wild bull—luckily, he plays on the team’s defense. And of all things there is even a deaf player that communicates using sign language on the crew. But that is the charm of this film from the year 2000, it is a story about misfits. Interestingly it is based on a true event, the NFL football player strike of the late 1980s.

However, mainly this film’s through line focuses on the quarterback of the team. Thus, we follow Shane Falco’s journey as he tries to help lead his team to win three out of the remaining four games left in the Washington Sentinels’ season. If he succeeds then the Sentinels make it into the playoffs and Falco and his fellow teammates might find redemption for their past losses.

When we first join Shane, he is handling cleaning and maintenance on various boats and house boats trying to forget his past, so it seems. So, he is surprised when coach Jimmy McGinty comes to visit Shane trying to recruit him onto the team. He asks Shane if he wants to be remembered for his past losses, especially the Sugar Bowl disaster. In response Shane says, “I don’t want to be remembered at all…” But despite his initial reluctance for whatever reason Shane has a change of heart and will not let this opportunity to try again pass him by. So, Shane shows up to the replacement player team’s first practice to accept this new challenge. Although on his way Shane gets harassed by many of the striking NFL players, including Martel—the striking team’s quarterback. They even tip over Shane’s truck onto its’ side, literally!

Indeed the obstacles are many for Shane; from eccentric teammates, to trying to lead those teammates to a win, and show the striking players what it means to play with heart for the love of the game—which is something the striking players forgot a long time ago. Not to mention navigating a budding relationship with one of the team’s beautiful cheerleaders, played by Brooke Langton.

This comedy is packed with lots of laughs and heart. Plus, sports fans will be happy to find that legendary sports announcers John Madden and Pat Summerall are on hand to call the action, as they do best. This film is written specifically for those who might sometimes wish they could get another chance in life. In fact, one of the best lines of the film comes from coach McGinty when Shane asks him why he chose him to quarterback for the replacement team. McGinty says, “When I see you, I see two people, the man you are and the man you ought to be. One day those two will meet and it should make for a hell of a football player.” Thus, in more ways than one director Howard Deutch’s film, The Replacements, fulfills the promise of its’ premise.

Writing Sample 2




Looking for a new spin on a tried and true concept? Then you should check out the latest iteration of your friendly neighborhood Spiderman in Spider Man: Amazing Origins. You have seen the films reboot this Marvel franchise multiple times and this one reboots the comic itself with another take on Spidey’s origin, updated for a new audience while still staying true to the characters core.

This new turn on the character coming from writer Cullen Bunn and artist Neil Edwards is both dynamite and dynamic. The story starts in familiar territory with Peter Parker as a normal high school student dealing with everyday problems, even though he has above average smarts. In fact, he is first in his science class, which gains him a trip to a local science demonstration where he gets bitten by that old pesky radioactive spider. Thus, Parker gains superhuman powers to go with his extraordinary smarts.

Trying to find a way to turn his new predicament into a win, Peter dawns a spider outfit to protect his identity and becomes a regular on a local talk show where he preforms stunts and feats of strength. But life changes forever for our plucky young hero when he lets a criminal escape from the police following an appearance on a show, because he sees it as not his problem or responsibility. However, Peter soon regrets his actions when the same criminal ends up murdering his uncle. So, Peter learns that with great power comes great responsibility.

This updating and rewrite of Spidey’s origin story hits most the right notes visually and in pros. But it is also just the beginning of the Parker’s story, because Peter finds the only way to honor his uncle’s legacy is by becoming a hero of New York City. But his goal rides roughshod against the aims of J. Jonah Jameson and the Daily Bugle, who wants to demonize the fledgling new superhero as little more than a masked criminal or vigilante in the eyes of the public. But Peter uses Mr. Jameson’s goal against him by selling him exclusive pictures of Spiderman and the elusive criminal the Vulture, who Spiderman confronts in an epic showdown that neither will soon forget.

But the Vulture is just the first in a long line of antagonists that this young iteration of Spidey must face. Indeed, from thieves that cosplay as Bugs Bunny to a mad scientist with robot arms, Peter Parker has his plate full. All of this while navigating the social land mines that every growing teenager must face, such as dealing with bullies like “Flash”, love interests like Gwen Stacy, and trying to maintain good relations with his good friends like Harry Osborn.

This recent version of Spiderman proves once again that being super does not mean you will not have normal problems. In fact, quite the opposite, you will have both normal and “super” trouble. Thus, Cullen Bunn’s excellent writing and Neil Edwards’ savvy visuals keeps true to Stan Lee’s vision of a regular teen with both ordinary and extraordinary problems.

Writing Sample 1




Looking for a descent sequential read? Star Wars: Legacy: Volume I: Broken may be something you have been waiting for and did not know it. It is a graphic novel by Dark Horse Comics from a time long before Disney Star Wars. Remember when Star Wars lore seemed as interesting, important, and mythical as other fantasy franchises like Star Trek or Lord of the Rings?

This graphic novel’s story starts way after Return of the Jedi, 125 years after to be exact. But it continues the legacy of Skywalker in a unique way. Instead of a classic scruffy farmhand joining a rebellion, it stars an antihero who wants anything but to continue the Skywalker legacy he was born into. Instead of childish angst Cade Skywalker, the hero, has a rough past. For instance, as a padawan he witnesses his father die at the hands of the Sith. Even Cade’s Jedi mentor almost dies but somehow Cade uses a force healing power to save him, although at great cost. Shaken by his unique ability that allows him to heal others but also forces him to use the power of the dark side, Cade becomes a tortured soul that wants nothing to do with either side of the force.

But the galaxy needs a hero. A new emperor, Darth Krayt, establishes himself as the new force ruling the galaxy. However, his reign is troubled by not only outside forces but parasites that feed on him from the inside. So, Darth Krayt desperately seeks a way to remove the parasites and heal himself. Thus, like it or not, forces on both sides seek a savior of Cade Skywalker’s potential.

This Star Wars legend comes packed with interesting lore, appearances from ancient Sith lords, and a cameo from the force ghost of a certain jedi master we all know and love. This and more make Star Wars: Legacy: Volume I: Broken an entertaining graphic novel that launches a great series. The script by John Ostrander is dense and sophisticated, living up to the Star Wars legacy. Plus, the art and pencils by Jan Duursema pack a punch, feeding the reader with visual splendor. The book itself was published in 2007. Thus, it is Star Wars before Disney took over, which for some might be of interest—especially if you are looking for an alternate depiction of a galaxy far, far away.

Of further interest is, Cade, a protagonist that’s juggling difficult problems like a chronic drug habit, while trying his best to avoid all things Sith and Jedi, and still trying to survive life in a tough galaxy where force users are being hunted. In this volume we find Cade hiding behind the identity of a mercenary and living in his starship the Mynock with his crewmates Jariah Syn and the beautiful Deliah Blue, who know nothing of his jedi history—at least for now.

But everything changes when a princess on the run from a Sith assassin hitches a ride from Cade and company. This forces our flawed hero to face the legacy he tried to abandon. More than just a simple comic, Star Wars: Legacy: Volume I: Broken is the start of a fascinating and unique story in the Star Wars universe that holds up even today.

Product Descriptions

Sample Product Descriptions

Red – 15” Bright Round Mirror

If you’re looking for a way to enhance a room, sometimes there’s nothing better than adding a piece that will reflect the inner light of you and your guests. This Round Red Distressed Mirror will do just that in a very subtle and classy way. It features a red MDF distressed frame that gives it a certain unique flair. Display it by itself or combine it with other elements to really brighten up a room with your unique touch.

Baby Safari Baby Shower Plates – Small

If you’re looking for the perfect table-ware to use at the shower for your new bundle of joy, then look no further than these Baby Safari Baby Shower Plates.  You know that bringing any new child into the world is cause for celebration of a new safari like adventure. Not only do these pristine plates make clean up easy but they will delight your friends and family with beautifully rendered animals that symbolize your new adventure. Featured animals include a baby monkey, bear, bird, turtle, giraffe, zebra and much more. Also, available are coordinating party supplies like napkins and even dinner plates to make a perfect set for your shower no matter if your having a boy or girl.

Bait Casting Reel Spatula

Here is a way to put an accent on your day of grilling fish and burgers. Check out this Bait Casting Reel Spatula. It makes the perfect gift for any fishing enthusiast who also enjoys cooking a good burger on the grill. Features in its design include a gold and blue handle made to look like a fishing reel, so you can feel like cooking is a bit like being back out on the pond no matter where you are. The end of the spatula even features fish shaped cut outs, so you can brand that burger with your favorite fish design. Prepare yourself to delight friends and family with your favorite hobby year-round while providing them with a tasty meal.

12” x 12” Hoot Hoot Premium Cardstock Paper Pack

Add a little bit of wisdom to your cardstock with this Hoot of a design from the Paper Studio. The Hoot Hoot Premium Cardstock Paper Pack is designed to impress with bright and bold colors. It also features some pretty old school patterns and icons that will have you and your friends loving your new print-outs because of the retro designs. Some of the patterns and symbols include polka dots, stripes, birds, flowers, and more. The paper was designed to be used for handmade cards, scrapbooking and so much more. Each pack includes 60 acid & lignin free sheets. Basically, you get 20 designs, with 3 copies of each design. This set comes in 12” x 12” and is ready bring a sense of fun to you and your friends.

Dark Brown Rectangle Basket Set

Looking for a classy way to organize some of your clutter? This Dark Brown Rectangle Basket Set may be right up your alley. These baskets are great for storing towels, keys, your child’s toys, even laundry. They are all purpose and will help you to stay more organized while adding a little bit of style to any room. Basically, this product will make your life easier without making your décor suffer. These beautiful wicker baskets come in various dimensions from small, medium, large and extra-large.

Jeepers Creepers 3D Stickers

Now don’t get freaked out by these holiday stickers brought to you from the Paper Studio. These Jeepers Creepers 3D Stickers are great as Halloween party decorations. In addition, they are also useful for paper crafting projects. These stickers are made to pop out and give you the willies, though not in a bad way. They are simply wonderfully designed and easy to peel and stick anywhere you can possibly imagine. Each package contains 7 stickers in various dimensions.

Bronze Horse & Colt Uplight

If you are a horse enthusiast or just have always been entranced by their natural beauty, then you will love this Bronze Horse & Colt Uplight. Designed to light up any room with your sense of style, this decorative lamp includes a globe, making its dimensions 5 ¼” x 16 ½” and its cord won’t keep you tied too close to your outlet either with a length of 60”. The lamp is made to appear rustic and features a shiny, intricately-detailed bronze resin horse and colt base and a brown and cream frosted glass globe. So, if your looking to spotlight a little bit of your country flair at home or at the office look no further than this unique piece.

Sun & Moon Pendants

Have you just purchased or finished designing a necklace and looking for the perfect pendants to accent it? Then you might enjoy these jewelry pieces that symbolize the Sun and the Moon. These pendants are made of metal and are designed using antique symbolism. They both feature special details such as iridescent crystals and star-shaped dangles and they can be easily added to any chain, necklace or bracelet. Each package comes with 2 pendants each.

Article/Copy Writing # 2

How To Get Healthy Using A Forsoklin Diet

You know the old adage you are what you eat? Well there is quite a bit of truth to that. What you put into your body has a direct impact on what you see in the mirror every day. Plus, there is the problem of all the added chemicals and pesticides found in processed food. All of this can leave a person feeling bloated, unhealthy and what is worse overweight. However, what you may be missing more than just a simple diet plan is the added benefits of some natural supplements. What I’m talking about is Forskolin.

What is Forskolin, you ask? It is a dietary supplement that can help you to lose weight and build muscle at the same time. This natural supplement, touted by Dr. Oz as the “miracle flower” or “lightning in a bottle”, is made from the chemicals and nutrients found in a plant called the Coleus Forskohlii—or Plectranthus Barbatus for you more scientific types. Anyway, this natural herb is said to treat respiratory conditions, skin problems or infections, central nervous system ailments, circulation problems, rheumatism, gastrointestinal problems and other ailments. Indeed, if you take meds for asthma, eczema, psoriasis, or high blood pressure you just might find Forskolin listed among the main ingredients. Forskolin has been used in Ayurveda medicine for ages. In fact, Ayerveda medical principles have been handed down for 2,000 years after they first originated in India. Its philosophy is similar to those who practice Naturopathic medicine today. In other words, they focus on treating the body through more natural methods.

Now any pill, no matter how great, can’t do all the work for you. Using Forskolin will just adjust the body to the correct degree to begin to naturally lose that unwanted blubber while adding and maintaining muscle. What Forskolin does for you is simply help burn body fat, suppress your appetite and give you a metabolism boost. Things that you can do in addition to taking this supplement to have an added benefit is combine it with a well-balanced diet of GMO free food using a 1500 to 2000 calorie diet dependent on your body type as well as a healthy exercise regimen that you can maintain over time. Things I recommend for your diet is one high in protein and low in carbs and avoid adding things like sodium and unnecessary fats, though a little is okay. In fact, you should stick to healthy fats like that can be found in avocados or natural peanut butter. Also, give yourself plenty of Vitamin C. My recommendation? Drink plenty of orange juice. Don’t go for the processed kind, get the fresh squeezed if its available.

Because the Forskolin diet plan focuses so much on what you put into your system and on those particular supplements and nutrients being more natural and GMO free, I think you can expect yourself to get healthy and start slimming down rapidly on a more Ayervedic supplement regimen and diet. However, you also must remember that these types of changes to your body don’t happen overnight. You may not see the changes for many weeks or months. You have to have the tenacity to stay with any diet program once you begin it. This means that you continually watch what you eat and that you exercise regularly. Eventually, this new diet will simply become a habit and a new lifestyle, your body will adjust and then you will begin to reap the benefits of more energy, improved sex life and more. So, whether your goals are to lose that unwanted belly fat, drop 100 pounds, or simply get back in shape you should try out the Forskolin diet plan. Just think, it’s a 2,000-year-old pill that has been waiting in the wings to help you tackle weight loss for good.

Article/Copy Writing # 1

Academy of Art University Students Presented The Future of Fashion At NYFW

On the 9th of September Academy of Arts Fashion Students brought their studies to a crescendo by showcasing their visions for the future of fashion at one of the industries premiere events. The event was New York Fashion Week (NYFW). NYFW is a fashion event that can make or break a new fashion designer but luckily these select students brought everything they had and made an impression that we all hope will last.

The Academy of Art held the annual event at the Skylight Clarkson Square which became the go to place for all things Style during NYFW. The event brought to bare ten of our most recent alumni from both BFA and MFA programs as they showed off their new collections—five for women and two for men.

The designers taken as a group have a very diverse background. They come from places like China or coastal Maine and many places found in-between to give you a range. However, their diversity wasn’t what made an impact on the judges, such as the legendary Ms. J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model and Sara Kozlowki who is Director of Education and Professional Development at CFDA, it was the quality of their ideas, silhouettes and craftmanship techniques.

The Academy of Art University is proud of its Fashion Design students for making such an impact on the fashion world this year. It makes us happy to be fulfilling our mission statement of preparing aspiring professionals for the fields of design, communication and the arts by delivering outstanding degree programs that lead to real jobs within the industry. One of the highlights of this year’s fashion graduates is their diversity and indeed our University prides itself on maintaining an inclusive admissions policy.

Founded by Richard S. Stephens in 1929 as the Academy of Advertising Art, we have since grown much larger and rebranded over the years into the trusted University we are today. Housed in San Francisco we also have several online programs available to distance learners who can’t make the journey here. The Academy of Art University is a privately owned, for profit institution that employs 283 full time teachers and around 1154 part-time teachers.

In addition, we are also a regionally accredited university. The Academy of Art received its accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges in 2007. We also hold several other accreditations from the National Association of Schools and Art and Design, The Council for Interior Design Accreditation, and the National Architectural Accrediting Board.

Fiction # 2

Here is the short story I wrote that got me accepted into my English Masters program.





Meditation took his mind off his troubles and gave him focus. Sure it was focus on the nothing but it was focus nonetheless. And when a man spends years isolated in a mountain cavern he needs that. That was Mace’s lot in life—wasting away alone. It was his punishment for failing his people decades ago by letting the die.

He was still haunted by the memories of failing his people and letting them be slaughtered by the werewolves of the northern waste. Wolves who had lied to him when he had accepted their offer of peace. To Mace the memories were still vivid but came in waves. Growling snapping teeth that salivated, human screams and blood. The blood of his people dripping from wolf claws. The corpse of a mother and her infant child strewn to pieces, barely recognizable.

Mace opened his eyes and the stream of memory ceased almost as quickly as it had begun. He wiped cold sweat from his forehead as he rose from his seated position careful not to strike his head on the top of the cavern that had been his home for the past few decades. It was a wet home often during the rainy seasons as it was now and Mace had little but rags to brace himself against the bitter forces of nature.

Still the same, he thought, when will the past stop confounding me? When will I have peace?

Mace made his way out of the dimly lit cavern into the rainy light of day. It was cloudy with a light breeze and rain. Mace took a breath, it was like breathing water, then made his way down to a nearby valley that was covered with trees and contained within it a small stream that brought Mace his drinking supply and his main source of protein—fish.

Mace was set on catching one today. He found a good small but strong tree limb and whittled it into a point with his trusty jeweled knife. Then he rolled up his pant legs and went to work. It was slow going. In a stream like this Mace couldn’t count on food from it every day. He usually had to rely on nuts and berries to maintain his strength. But he was determined that wouldn’t be the case today.

He observed the currents of the water and was very still and silent. Mace sensed movement and chucked his spear in its direction. A perfect hit. Meat was on the menu for the day at least.

Back in his cavern Mace sat cooking his fish and found himself slipping back into his thoughts again…

It was thirty years ago. Orcs were raging through the country making a mockery of decent law abiding citizens of the empire. They pillaged and destroyed wherever they could. And they were coming nearer to his city.

Mace was the sheriff. It was his duty to make certain that the people of his town were safe and secure. Usually that meant keeping the Werewolf problem encroaching from the Timber Woods at bay but now it meant securing all the borders which was making his task highly difficult. But Mace had come up with a plan to kill two birds with one stone.

Mace knew that the wolves were anxious about the Orc problem and that if the borders weren’t secured that chaos would befall the region for both parties so he had worked out an arrangement to meet with Draygo, the tribal leader of the Werewolf’s, to propose a solution that would solve both of their problems and perhaps bring greater stability to the region.

The plan was simple. A peace treaty where the wolves would protect their own borders and no longer assail the human city of Xanthus. Both parties agreed to the proposal. But in the end the wolves did not honor it. Instead they betrayed Mace. Instead they aligned themselves secretly with the Orcs and together on a cold winter night ravaged the city slaughtering thousands.

Mace ate his fish. It was hot and burnt but still palatable. He spit the bones of the fish out as he munched hungrily. Mace listened to the dripping of water deep within the cavern and the soft crackles of burning wood. And through this Mace finally found himself thinking of nothing—of just living. It almost brought him to tears. He hadn’t felt this way since before the tragedy thirty years ago.

Maybe I’m ready to leave, he thought.

But just then, before he could think or rethink his assertion that he may be ready to leave, a shape walked into view. It shocked Mace. It was a young man barely beyond the age of ascension. He looked at Mace with a knowing smirk. His long brown hair coming down to shoulders that bore fine clothing. He looked hard at Mace with a deep resigning judgmental stare.

“We’ve been watching you.” He paused for Mace to take the statement in. “We’ve been watching you for a long time.”

“Who are you?” Mace asked incredulously.

“You know me or at least know my father,” the young man said, “and he says it is time.”

“Time for what?” Mace retorted.

“To bring your suffering to an end.” The young man pulled out a long jagged knife out and placed on the polished rocky floor. “Outside is a platoon of the finest Orc and Werewolf army ever assembled. There is no escape. Come now Mace. Do us all a favor. Kill yourself so that we won’t have to.”

Somehow they had found him or perhaps they had always known. Yes, that must be it. They always knew and were patiently waiting for Mace to reemerge from his self-imposed punishment. No, Mace wouldn’t go that far. They had known. They just didn’t care and now they were just tying up loose ends. But why now?

Mace stared at the knife. Then he scolded himself. If he was going to kill himself, he would have done it by now. Mace now came to realize what he had really been doing by coming out here in the middle of nowhere. It wasn’t to hide or give up. It was to live. By living out here among the elements in this harsh environment he had come to know himself more deeply—more fully. Something that this young man would never understand. If indeed he was a man.

Mace looked deeper into the boy’s soul and saw it. The darkness. He was a wolf. The future for the first time in ages rolled out before Mace. The young man would transform then they would fight and Mace would have to face what lay beyond his mountain cavern home.

“So, how is your father?” Mace decided to call him on his threats, “What was his name again?” Mace didn’t want the boy to think he had been thinking of the past this entire time.

“Don’t play stupid old man.” The young man retorted, “You know full well that my father’s name is–”

“Sorry what was that?” Mace said, “I have a rather short memory of betrayers. I tend to try to forget when I’ve been abused.”

The boy laughed, “my father always wondered why you never sought revenge.”

“Oh, that’s easy. I enjoy warm dishes for dinner not cold ones.” Mace shot back.

The young man stood flabbergasted not sure what to do or how to react. Now Mace decided to push back against this young fool. Mace found it hard to conceal a grin.

“Well young one, I think it’s time you move along.” Mace said, “Whatever you are selling I’m not buying.”

“Did you not hear what I said?” the boy asked with a tinge of anger laced in his voice that was becoming more deep and throaty.

“Oh, I did I just don’t do well with the authority of wolves.” Mace said.

“Then prepare to die!” and with that the young man scowl turned deeper and he began snarling as Mace could hear bones contort and crack. He looked in horror as muscles bulged and fur sprouted. Mace grabbed his jeweled knife and rushed forward and picked up the jagged knife that lay on the floor of the cavern and began thrusting and jabbing forward as the young man transformed into a Werewolf.

As hard as Mace tried he could not stop the transformation. Instead the wolf struck back swinging its massive left forearm hard into Mace’s midsection sending him flying into the side of the cavern. Mace was able to hold on luckily to the two knifes in each of his hands as the wolf leapt on top of him and began slashing and scratching at him.

Mace was getting cut up badly but he was landing solid blows of his own against the fearsome beast. Mace rolled out from under the wolf and quickly rose to his feet. The wolf looked at him and howled. The sound echoed through the cavern.

“You know, I think I do remember your father,” Mace said as he wobbled on his feet, “Wasn’t he the guy that betrayed me and my people to take up with a bunch of inbred hillbillies that don’t know the meaning of the word hygiene?”

That made the wolf livid he growled again and pounced forward to deliver a death blow. He pounced right into Mace’s trap. As the Wolf flew through the air Mace slung the jagged dagger straight and true right into the wolf’s eye where it stuck with a sickening thud. The wolf whimpered and began tearing at its eye. That’s when Mace jumped on the wolf’s back and with his jeweled knife and went for the kill.

One quick slice to the jugular and it was all over. The wolf fell onto its stomach and retched as it suffocated on its own blood then died.

Mace slumped down for a moment against the cavern wall and composed himself. He sat for what seemed like an eternity and peered towards the entrance to the cavern. Peered towards the outside world where supposedly many more Werewolves lay in wait. After a time, Mace stood and made his way carefully outside into the rainy breeze he had tasted earlier in the day. But this time he scanned the surrounding area for enemies. For young men and Werewolves. For Orcs.

But he found nothing. He found no one. Mace laughed. The young man had lied and Mace had called his bluff. However, the experience gave Mace cause to wonder. Just what was happening in the outside world? Mace knew it was time to find out.


Digital Marketing Blog # 3

The following is one of the many marketing blogs I wrote for M&N Holdings LLC during an internship I took part in 2013. Throughout the internship I learned about Google Ad-Words and other digital marketing methods and techniques.

All-New 2014 Cherokee is Setting New Standards For Jeep Enthusiasts in Oklahoma

There’s a new Jeep Cherokee coming out soon that is fully capable of taking you anywhere that your adventuresome heart can imagine.  That’s right; the new 2014 Cherokee will offer you the legendary Jeep vehicle capability you’ve come to expect from the brand.  That means it can take on any road, in any environment, no matter the conditions.

To make things easier for you in any condition, the Jeep engineers have added the Selec-Terrain traction control system to the Cherokee.  This system has up to five settings, including: Auto, Snow, Sport, Sand/Mud and Rock modes.  Just spin the dial to match your adventure.

You won’t just have good traction in this Jeep – you’ll gain a great engine as well

This soon to be available Stillwater Jeep sports great engine choices; like the new 2.4L MultiAir2 TigerShark I4.  The TigerShark engine features a class-exclusive nine-speed automatic transmission.  This combination gives the 2014 Cherokee a Best-in-Class driving range of up to 490 highway miles on one tank of gas.

Combine this with a new suspension system and you’ll notice its great handling this new Jeep in Stillwater.  The 2014 Cherokee’s suspension system features an independent front system built using MacPherson struts and a new rear independent multi-link suspension.

The front suspension provides 6.7 inches of travel while the rear suspension provides up to 7.8 inches of travel for better articulation. The isolated rear cradle, aluminum front crossmember and superior torsional rigidity all contribute to the quieter, smoother ride and the superior handling characteristics you will experience in the Cherokee.

This Jeep Cherokee offers a new look for the 2014 year here in Oklahoma.

The 2014 Jeep Cherokee mid-size SUV debuts a new exterior design, as well. Jeep designers were careful to design this vehicle so that it moves Jeep into the next era; giving it a shape that is efficient without taking away its Jeep DNA and design heritage. This new Jeep in Stillwater looks every bit as capable and efficient as it truly is while nodding to tradition. Fluid, sleek exterior lines highlight the efficient, wind-splitting upper body of the all-new Cherokee. While the rugged, protective lower body conveys the legendary capability that is characteristic of every Jeep.

Keep your loved ones safe with the Cherokee’s latest in safety features.

The All-New Cherokee has over 70 available Safety and Security features including: ParkSense Parallel and Perpendicular and front/rear Park Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) and Cross Path Detection with dual radar sensors to monitor driver blind spots, 10 standard airbags with standard full-length side-curtain and side thorax airbags, LaneSense Lane Departure Warning, and Adaptive Cruise Control.

Sporting a great new look, with superior handling, and performance the new Jeep Cherokee is one of a kind.  You’ll be able to check one out in the third quarter of 2013 at Barry Sanders Supercenter.  Until then you can always drop by and check out our current selection of great new model Jeeps at 4120 W. 6th Avenue in Stillwater.  Or if you would like more info about the 2014 Jeep Cherokee feel free to give us a call at 888-400-6152. We’d be delighted to answer any of your questions.


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The following is one of the many marketing blogs I wrote for M&N Holdings LLC during an internship I took part in 2013. Throughout the internship I learned about Google Ad-Words and other digital marketing methods and techniques.

The new 2013 Genesis Coupe is your new Super Mobile Office in OKC

The road to justice in automobile performance is long and full of never do wells, but if you’re looking for the latest mobile headquarters for your next super adventure then Edmond Hyundai Man has the auto for you.

The new 2013 Genesis Coupe will really give your foes the lasting impression you desire with an aggressively redesigned front fascia, grille, headlights, LED daytime running lights, fog lights and hood with heat extractor cues.

One look at this OKC car from the side and your friends and foes alike will see the deeper dimensional sculpting brought about by the new 18- and 19-inch alloy wheel designs.  If they look to the rear they will see that the Genesis’ rear taillights provide a visual spark via premium LED illumination and new contours.

The Genesis Coupe’s arching roofline and tapering greenhouse highlight the exterior profile and emphasize the car’s broad shoulders and wide stance, showing you’re ready to take on anything out there in the world, super hero.

This new car in OKC features an available all new V6 direct-injected engine that will easily propel you from zero to 60 mph in the lower five-second range on its way to an impressive 149 mph electronically-limited top speed.

The 2013 Genesis Coupe will keep your super friends safe and secure

In keeping with your super heroic need to protect yourself and your passengers out on the road, the Genesis Coupe offers segment-leading standard safety technologies across its lineup including a wide range of both active and passive safety features.

Standard safety technology includes driver and front passenger advanced frontal airbags, along with front seat-mounted side airbags, side air curtains and active front head restraints.

The Genesis Coupe has a strong unibody construction, along with front and rear crumple zones, bodyside reinforcements and five-mph energy-absorbing bumpers. The hood also includes buckling creases and safety stops.

All OKC Hyundai Genesis Coupe models feature standard four-channel ABS with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) to optimize brake performance under various dynamic loading conditions. The system also includes Brake Assist, which provides maximum ABS-level braking force when a panic stop is detected.

Don’t worry you’ll be able to customize your autos look to fit your super needs

With super squads like yours in mind, the OKC Genesis Coupe has fresh exterior color offerings now available, with seven new colors added to the palette, because we know you want your car to match your super suit. These new colors include: Parabolica Blue, Catalunya Copper, Monaco White, Becketts Black, Circuit Silver, Gran Premio Gray, and Shoreline Drive Blue.

The new 2013 Genesis Coupe is a safe, good looking, high performance vehicle fit for any super hero.  So why not come visit Edmond Hyundai Man today for your free test drive?  We are located at 14137 N. Broadway Ext. or you can give us a call at 888-400-7893 and we’ll answer any of your questions about the Genesis Coupe or any other OKC Hyundai autos.