Digital Marketing Blog # 1

The following is one of the many marketing blogs I wrote for M&N Holdings LLC during an internship I took part in 2013. Throughout the internship I learned about Google Ad-Words and other digital marketing methods and techniques.

Why to Buy a 2013 Hybrid Car vs. a Regular Car in Oklahoma

The reasons that we buy a car are usually dependent on our situation.  Do we need something to get from point A to B? Yes, that’s usually a given for anyone looking for a car.  Do we want a car with better fuel economy?  Most of us do.  Do we want to have less of an impact on the environment?  For some this may be more important than for others.

Having less of an impact on the environment is only the beginning of why Hybrid cars exist though. Hybrid cars aren’t pure electric cars—they run on gas as well as electricity. So, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of an electrical charge when you’re on the go in a Hybrid and didn’t have time to charge up.

The real main feature in owning a Hybrid car is actually cost savings because of their higher mpg than most standard pure gas vehicles.  At lower speeds most Hybrids only have to use electrical power.  This means fewer trips to the pump and less money out of your pocket – especially if you do most of your driving at lower speeds in the city.

Definitely there are other reasons to buy a hybrid including having a higher resale value, longer warranties, possible tax incentives, and local benefits like automatic access to HOV lanes in some states; just to name a few.

However, the bottom line on owning a Hybrid in Stillwater is accessing the quality engineering that brings you cost benefits through higher mpg that should eventually over time bring you a great return on your investment.

With that in mind, step into the 2013 Honda Civic Hybrid in Stillwater

One of the best Hybrids currently on the market is the 2013 Honda Civic Hybrid.  At the heart of the Civic Hybrid is the sophisticated Integrated Motor Assist System.  The IMA pairs a 1.5-liter, i-VTEC 4-cylinder gasoline engine with an electric motor –giving you the best of both worlds in power and efficiency adding up to an excellent return on your investment.

Pair the IMA system with Honda’s Eco Assist and your investment just got better.  Eco Assist is like having your own onboard efficiency coach that helps you to go farther on a full tank of gas.  Not that you’ll need much help with the Honda Civic Hybrid’s already impressive fuel economy boasting 44 mpg in the city and 44 mpg on the highway.

The Honda Civic Hybrid also offers you the latest technology

Each Stillwater Honda Civic Hybrid comes with i-MID an intelligent Multi-Information Display.  This customizable system allows you to upload personal photos to your car as wallpaper.  It also will show you the current song playing on your sound system, your current mpg, text messages (when stopped) and even turn-by-turn directions if you opt for the available navigation system.

The list of available i-MID functions is long, including Bluetooth for hands-free phone calls; the system will also allow you to stream music over the cars audio system.  Also, if you worry a lot about backing up this new car in Stillwater features a rearview camera with guidelines making it easy to get in and out of tight spaces.

With great fuel efficiency and access to the latest technology with i-MID the 2013 Civic Hybrid may be just the right Hybrid for you to try on for size.  Come check one out today at Barry Sanders Honda located at 4300 W. 6th Ave. or give us a call at 888-479-0430 and we’ll answer any of your Honda Civic Hybrid questions.


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